All electronic assets considered non-marketable are processed through our recycling program.  While we're not a recycler, we use only certified recyclers. For a list of recyclers that we use, please contact us.

Any electronic assets that can be reused have two avenues of disposition.  First, the equipment can be donated to Computers for Kids (Idaho) and the assets value can be used as a tax deduction (consult your tax advisor).  Second, the equipment can be sold and the proceeds from the sale are given back to the customer.  Of course, a modest fee is charged by SDS for this service.  This can help offset the cost of hard-drive sanitization.  Which avenue is chosen is entirely up to you.

We understand it's important for you to know what's happening to your equipment.  Conscience customers requesting asset disposition services deserve the peace of mind of knowing exactly what happened to their IT assets.  We track your equipment all the way through our process to final disposition.  This information is stored in our electronic database and readily available to our customers.  A report listing incoming assets, associated hard drives, along with make, model, and memory, and the disposition of each hard drive: Sanitized or Destroyed.  To see a sample report, click here (PDF).