SDS specializes in end-of-life technology asset disposition. We are not a recycler, though we work with certified recyclers for assets that cannot be reused.

A data breach of any kind can be devastating to a company.  In today's computing environment, theft of proprietary and confidential information is becoming rampant.  Inadvertent release of information is also occurring more frequently.  Do not take a chance with your firm's data or your job-ensure that proper sanitization of electronic information occurs.

At SDS, your systems are secured from beginning to end. Once your system reaches our building, it is put into our vault, a 1000 square foot steel reinforced concrete room that is badge access secured and camera monitored. Each system has it's serial number scanned and logged into our database. When each system is processed, each asset is also logged (system manufacturer and model, asset tags, memory size and type, optical drive(s), and hard drives). Any hard drives are removed from the system and placed on our proprietary wiping system. If the hard drive supports Secure Erase, it is invoked. If not, the hard drive will undergo a multi-pass overwrite. If either of these methods fail, the hard drive is destroyed using our hard drive shredder.

What if your systems can't leave your facility without being sanitized? No problem, we can come to you. All our processes are completely portable with our mobile sanitization solution.